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Democratized EV Charging Stations


Jolt's vision


Jolt's mission is to become a pioneer in the push for cleaner energy alternatives.   We plan to achieve this mission by providing a network for the facilitation  of 100% electric run vehicles, powered by the homes and business of everyday individuals like you.



You offered your service on time, why should you wait to get paid? With Jolt you immediately receive your payment!


Jolt will be maintained on a self financed coin reward system making it a fully decentralized blockchain platform.


Masternodes maintain a stabalized network, getting rewarded for this service they also enhance privacy through our darksend technology.

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Today’s Vision.



Jolt intends to the be the worlds first energy sharing platform. We are set out to create a global network of individuals who will offer their homes and business as EV charging stations, and earn money while doing so. Each individual will be their own private electrical gas station, and can charge their own preferred fee. Taking the power away from the major oil companies, and placing it back into the hands of everyday people like you. 


Paving The Road To 100% Gasoline Free Vehicles.